My Action Packed Stay at The Hard Rock Punta Cana

My stay at the Hard Rock Punta Cana (HRPC) during the opening round of March Madness was amazing!!   The only thing I didn’t like was it was too short.   Make sure you join me next year during March Madness.  Where are going to have some special amenities for our group that you want to make sure you take advantage of.   Here is link to get on the list.  2019 March Madness Getaway


Here are my tips to maximize your stay at the Hard Rock Punta Cana

You have to stay more than 3 nights if you plan to experience all that Hard Rock Punta Can has to offer.   This is a huge resort with well over 1k rooms so walking around is not easy.  In fact, the shuttles that will drop you off at all the main locations.  I personally walked because I didn’t want to wait on the shuttle but the waits were not long at all.  Besides I needed the exercise.

Body Rock Fitness Center

Jay Baldwin

Speaking of exercise, if you are a gym rat like my brother or a novice like myself, you will love their state of the art gym.  HRPC’s fitness equipment actually kept count of your reps and set timers for your rest in between your sets.  The monitor also showed the rhythm in which you should be lifting the weights to maximize your experience.  My brother likes the protein shots they gave you after each work out which gives you that extra punch you need throughout the day.

Plan Ahead by Using the App



Plan ahead and book your excursions using your resort credits.  We had $500 resort credits and  we used it them for party cruise and trip to the spa.   I suggest you book your excursions at the latest, on the first day you arrive.   It is ideal to make your reservations prior to arrival using the Hard Rock app which will give you more time to enjoy the resort.  We had a great time on our party boat.   They served us the Dominican drink “Mamajuana” and played the latest party music.  The only thing that was odd was a couple brought their 10 yea old daughter on the cruise.  It wasn’t a kid friendly atmosphere.

As for the spa, I am hooked.   I used to think the spa was only for women, boy was I wrong.  My wife and I had a couples massage at another all-inclusive resort and I have been hooked ever since


Time to get a bite to eat

After all that excitement during the  day, there are so many places to eat.  I have eaten at all the restaurants but Isla Caribbean Cuisine.   This restaurant was fantastic!   We had the red snapper with lobster tails and washed all down with champagne like we were royalty.   Other restaurants you want to try is the hibachi at Zen,  Torro for a good ribeye, and Impanema for Brazilian as well.  They have all types of restaurants to satisfy your pallet.

Bring on the Night!

HRPC March Madness

Club ORO is the night club in the casino at HRPC.   During my stay it was a $20 cover with unlimited re-entry.  The club opened at 11 PM and it stay opened until 3 AM.  The drinks in ORO are not apart of the all-inclusive package so there was a cost.   Since you were able leave and renter the club, you can easily leave the club and get your drinks at the many bars in the Hard Rock.  One of the bars we visited right outside the casino was the Moon Lounge where you can hear live music.  The other bar was the Sun Bar which is similar to a sports bar with TVs and pool tables.

We also ventured off the resort for nightlife.  The first club we visited was Imagine which is actually in a cave.  It was $20 regular cover or $65 with unlimited drinks.  This club seemed to have a lot of different guests from various resorts.  As I stated, we were there during spring break so it seemed to be more of a college crowd.

The second club we visited was Drink Point which a little closer to HRPC.  This is the club where the locals attend.  There was no cover and the drinks were low cost.  This club has an outdoor covered  patio setting where you can see everyone walking down the street.

Pay Me!

IMG_2050 (002)

The casino is probably one of the largest in the Caribbean at 45K sq ft.  We were able to watch all the games and lay down a few bets.  I wished I would have put some money down on that UMBC upset over #1 Virginia.   The odd thing about the sportsbook is everything is on Pacific time.  It seems that they are streaming the odds straight from Vegas.   The payout odds are better in Vegas at 10/11.   This means that a wager of $11 would win $10 and return $21.  At the HRPC I believe the odds were 8/10 or close to it.  Overall, it’s still a great alternative to Vegas with all the tables and scenery.


IMG_2113 (002)

If you are a golfer, you will love HRPC.  You can use your resort credit for unlimited golf if you like.  They have 18-hole Jack Nicklaus course.  I am not a avid golfer but I enjoyed the GPS system on the golf carts that helped you track your balls.   It was fun time on the greens and meeting all the people around the world enjoying the course.

Should you rent a car or get a shuttle

Hard Rock Punta Cana was a about a 30 minute ride from the airport.   We got a shared round trip  shuttle for about $35.00 per person.  The shuttle only made one stop at the Royalton which was 5 minutes away from the HRPC.   We did venture out for some nightlife off the resort and it cost us $80 for our driver to take us to two clubs.  That was actually a deal because he waited on us while we attended both clubs.

As for a rental car, you have to weigh the cost difference.  If you have more people and you plan to travel off the resort a lot, then the rental car maybe for you.

I hope all this information helped.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding HRPC.  Make sure you you get on our list for our group trip to HRPC for March Madness next year.   We will have something special for all our guest.

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