Why busy professionals should visit Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort

I have visited many resorts, but a rare few give you that awe factor like Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.   This was my second visit to Los Cabos, but my first time renting a car in the city.  As I drove down the corridor towards the resort, my GPS took me down a variety of winding roads until I ended up at a gated community.   When I made it to the gate, I told the security guard my destination and he let me proceed.  Little did I know I sill had a few more minutes of driving until I reached the resort.  Once I reached the resort, I was met by the resort security.  They checked to see if my name was on the list and than they let me proceed.   I parked the car in front of the entrance and immediately was approached by a bellman who opened my door and greeted me.  The bellman presented me with a card and took care of my luggage while the staff provided my wife and I warm towel and and a tall glass of champagne.

Next, we were swept away in a golf cart to the Preferred Club exclusive private VIP check in.   We had a short wait before our name was called for check in.  During the short wait, we relaxed in the Preferred  Club lounge  had hors d’oeuvres and ordered drinks at the open bar.   After our quick check in, they took us to our room which was just luxurious.   Secrets Puerto Los Cabos is an all-suite resort.   The suite was luxurious and pleasant spa like aroma that made you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our overall stay was amazing but I like give you a few exclusive tidbits from our stay.

  • The views of the ocean were spectacular but keep in mind that the beach is not swim-able.   Non swim-able beaches are common in Los Cabos
  • The Oceana restaurant was delightful.   Not only was the food tasteful but the views of the pool along with the ocean were top notch.
  • There were no reservations needed for the restaurants on the resort  but you do need a reservation for the hibachi grill in the Himitsu
  • The resort is a short ride from the airport but about a 30-40 minute ride to downtown Los Cabos.


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Belvin Baldwin II is a travel entrepreneur and influencer that specializes in leisure celebration travel. He designs luxury vacations for busy professionals celebrating a life event.

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