Top 10 Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are Better Than Traditional Weddings


Weddings are magical, be it the traditional or destination. But destination weddings have a certain charm to them that traditional weddings do not and this is what makes your wedding days extra special.

Beautiful beaches, the white sands, historic places, resorts and anything you can dream of can be your destination wedding. The idea of how a wedding should be has changed over the years; most busy professionals prefer to have a fun and casual wedding. They want their guests to enjoy the time there and not stress over formalities.

Here are 10 reasons why you should go for a destination wedding then a traditional one:

1.     Picturesque locales

Most locations and vacation spots that host weddings are naturally exotic, breathtaking and just mesmerizing. You don’t have to make any extra arrangements to get beautiful photographs. The same goes for when there is a formal occasion, like a wedding. All your pictures will naturally come out to be awesome! No custom backdrops required.

2.     Savings

Destination weddings are a complete package; they save you the hassle of extra bookings, especially when it comes to planning for the honeymoon. This is an excellent cost saving method that enables you to save money by merging your wedding and honeymoon together.

3.     Limited guest list

It is one of the best ways to only include the people who really matter to you and want to join in your happiness to your wedding list. It keeps you away from judgemental relatives and the negative energy they bring with them.

4.     More Time

You’ve probably chosen a resort or a vacation spot for your wedding; this will allow you to celebrate your wedding for a more than the traditional five hours. Most destination weddings span from a time period of three to five days.

5.     Do it your way

You can make your wedding more memorable by saying your wows in unconventional places. You can say “I do” in the middle of the sea or skydiving with your love. Make it special, do it your way.

6.     Away from work

In today’s world, work follows you everywhere. If you have a traditional wedding you will most probably be asked to join work again after a few days and let’s not forget about the emails and calls. Take a leave from work, switch of your devices and enjoy your destination wedding.

7.     Less Interference

Your mother-in-laws or your great aunt is a self-proclaimed wedding planner, excellent. Want to get away from her? A destination wedding is the answer. You can always invite her on the exact day of your wedding.

8.     After- party

Again, the after party and the ceremony can be easily merged at a destination wedding. You won’t have to worry about transporting the guests from one venue to another, saving thousands of dollars.

9.     It won’t get boring

Your guests won’t be waiting for the affair to end and neither will you. The beautiful destination will keep them occupied and your wedding will not be remembered as a boring day.

10.    Stress free

Your destination wedding comes fully equipped with a professional wedding coordinator. This allows busy professionals the unlimited time to enjoy the best day of your life without any issues. The wedding coordinator takes care of every small detail prior to your arrival.

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Belvin Baldwin II is a travel entrepreneur and influencer that specializes in leisure celebration travel. He designs luxury vacations for busy professionals celebrating a life event.

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