Wow! A River Cruise For Young Adults and the Young at Heart



U by Uniworld broke the mold by focusing on a river cruise for the young and young at heart.  As a busy professional wanting to explore new travel experiences you will want to add U by Uniworld to the top of your list. Picture a relaxing trip onboard, spending days and nights in different cites, trying new foods, and absorbing the culture all aboard a modern new river cruise ship. A trip around Europe can be fun and inspiring, giving you a chance to see the wonderful cities that surround the water.

River cruises have much to offer, fine dining, spas, enchanting destinations and much more. Choosing the right cruise can be a critical factor in how your experience will end. U by Uniworld is guaranteed to give you the experience of your life. This as a river cruise has much to offer, the sites and destinations it encompasses are guaranteed to make your time on the cruise worthwhile.

Why U by Uniworld?

The best river cruise experience money can buy. There are many reasons this is one of the best picks for a luxurious and fun holiday. You are certainly going to remember this trip as a trip of a lifetime and are sure to come back for more experiences. U by Uniworld has a lot to offer, the food, the hospitality and the relaxing activities are extraordinary.

It is the first river cruise exclusively catering to adults who want to connect with local people, experiences and each city’s vibrant nightlife. The U by Uniworld itineraries will provide  immersive experiences along the world’s most popular rivers. This is why it will be great for busy professionals celebrating a life event such as a birthday, reunion, retreat, etc.

Here are a few reasons why U has to be on your bucket list:

1.     Excursions

U by Uniworld offers you the chance to connect with the cities and towns that it visits. It boasts an itinerary which includes 6 ports of call, four rivers, and six countries. It offers an exceptional boutique hotel experience, as you float away to your picturesque destination.  It provides you full opportunity to enjoy your night-life with the best food possible. It offers destinations such as Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and France. This offers you the chance to visit the most famous vacation spots in all of Europe.

2.     Mixology

A skilled professional to mix your drinks for you? Yes! They have it all. Not only do they offer the most delicious and exclusive service, but it is also pleasant to look at. The best mixologists are available to create drinks for you while you experience the most amazing destinations that Europe has to offer. They also give you the chance to attend mixology classes and learn the tricks.

3.     Silent Disco

U by Uniworld offers the best silent disco services. Haven’t experienced it yet? This is the best place to do so. Silent discos offer you the luxury of enjoying loud club-music with the opportunity to communicate with people without the noise barrier. The Dj’s here are ready to give you a mix of the best and latest music.


If you are planning to try a river cruise, U by Uniworld should be on top of your list. It checks all the right boxes. This experience will bring you right into the heart of each city with the destination just steps away from the ship.

As a busy professional, this new style of river cursing will be sure to add an extra level of luxury to your next cruise experience.  I have a special discounted booking promotion this year that I can offer you on new booking until March 31, 2018.  Space is limited so contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Belvin Baldwin II is a travel entrepreneur and influencer that specializes in leisure celebration travel. He designs luxury vacations for busy professionals celebrating a life event.
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    Can you price out for us a trip to Paris/ Europe
    On Enchanting Danube Uniworld Ship Titan Travel zUK. For late June around 22 for 4 day.
    Carey Bond and Cozette

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